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Supra supply Shaw-Almex conveyor belt Vulcanizing Presses. Almex Heavy-duty press are built to hot splice all types of fabric ply and steelcord conveyor belts.


  • Signature Almex “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system
  • Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens
  • Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system
  • Light but sturdy structure of extruded aluminium traverse bars
  • Temperature Control Panel for reliable heat monitoring
  • fluid pressure pump and reservoir unit mandatory for operating pressures above 7kg/cm (100 psi) especially for steel cord splicing.


Develop by Shaw Almex, the UBR Press is one of the most advanced vulcanizers in the world, featuring the High Tensile Restraint (HTR) system that replaces heavy pressure bolts with significantly lighter and stronger advanced composite materials. Rugged and corrosion proof, this unique system greatly reduces the potential of injury. The new ultra-light beams weigh only 13.5 kg/meter. The UBR vulcanizer can be configured for 100 psi or 200 psi by changing the spacing of the beams with the unique connector system. Carbon UBR heating elements utilize a unique technology that reduces energy consumption by 40% allowing the use of smaller power supplies, reducing overall cost per splice.



The SVP rubber vulcanizing press is the world’s preferred heavyweight belt sectional vulcanizing press. Distinguished by the core competencies of Almex technology, the SVP has all the features of Almex press technology.

SVP platens are built-to-order, with all dimensions offered to accommodate various belt widths. Pressure systems engineered for fabric ply belting reach 7kg/cm2 (100 psi) and for steelcord belt 14kg/cm2 (200 psi).



Almex SP and SSP spot repair press are the world’s superior repair vulcanizing presses for heavyweight belt. SP and SSP Repair Presses are ideal for mending tears, small holes, and cuts in conveyor belts. Repair presses decrease the need for total belt replacement, saving time and money.

The SSP belt repair spotter is the premier Almex “one man” portable unit for belt repair. A manual air pressure system is standard with the SSP.

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