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Surface Protection Systems are achievable by means of coating and lining systems. Supra use best quality coating and lining materials applied by factory trained and experience applicators. Our coating and lining materials consist of glass flake coating, rubber lining, modified epoxy coating, polyurethan/polyurea lining and composite linings.

With our expertise and in-house facility and manpower resources, we are able to offer and manage turn-key project to carry out large lining and coating project, with high quality workmanship and on time project completion


Supra offer rubber lining service for heavy corrosion protection in chemical plants, power plants, pulp & paper mills, fertilizer and mineral processing. We offer both cold bonding and hot autoclave vulcanization. Our in-house facility complete with large autoclave dia 4 mtr x 7 mtr long, modern grit blasting facility and modern rubber lining workshop complete with 20 ton crane.

We offer various type of rubber lining materials based on chemical concentration of process liquid and operating conditions, to name a few : natural soft and hard rubber (ebonite), butyl and chlorobutyl rubber, chloroprene and EPDM rubber.


Supra offer Corropipe range of corrosion protection coating. CorroPipe S is a single-component-plus-catalyst polyurethane coating and lining for steel pipe which cures to an enamel-like monolithic barrier suitable wherever protection against corrosion, abrasion, degradation or chemical attack is important. CorroPipe ’S’ is paint-like to use (brush, roller or airless spray).

CorroPipe S (CM) is a variation containing ceramic nanospheres that enhance the abrasion resistance of the product, making it ideal for highly abrasive or high flow applications and for greater impact resistance.


Supra carrying out flake coating for Paiton III coal fire powerplant seawater and FGD piping system. Total area approx 2,900m2. Coating material Rema Tip Top Coroflake24 Flake Lining system. There are total of 42 pipe spool and elbows, Ø 2800mm x 12,000mm length.

Supra apply Rema Tip Top Coroflake lining material for Flue Gas Desulphurization unit for coal fire powerplant. The FGD unit is operate in highly corrosive environment and at elevated temperature.

We provide turn-key scope from scaffolding, blasting, flake application, final inspection and commissioning. We also maintain the plant after project handover.



Chimey in cement plant lined with FlueGardTM 225 - high temperature corrosion protection system, highly resistant to acid and alkali attacks, and fine particle dust abrasion up to 225°C (437°F) continuous exposure, with short term excursions to 300°C (1572°F).


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