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Sizing is the general separation of products according to their size. The simplest form of sizing is screening, the purpose of which is to separate minerals or other materials into specific particle sizes to create various final products.

When selecting equipment to screen a product, considerations should be given to material being screened, including shape and size; screen media openings; amount of material already to size; presence of harmful materials; need for water; and more. McLanahan offers a variety of screening solutions for both wet and dry applications to fit the needs of producers in many industries. Learn more about McLanahan’s screening solutions on the individual product pages.


Vibratory Screens

Vibratory Screens

McLanahan Vibratory Screens separate material through the vibration of screen decks covered in screen media of various sized openings. As the screen decks vibrate, the smaller material falls through the openings, while the larger material remains on the top of the screen deck.

Product :

  • MD Vibratory Screens
  • Rotary Trommels
  • Vibratory Screens

Screening/Sizing Feeders

McLanahan offers Feeders that provide screening/sizing capabilities in addition to controlling the flow of material to various pieces of equipment. These feeders can scalp out fines and remove material that is already to size to minimize wear on the crusher.

Product :

  • Feeders

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