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Pulley lagging increases the traction between the belt and the pulley, which in turn reduces load and wear on the drive, belt, pulleys, bearings and take-up. Lagging is often applied to extend the life of the shell by providing a replaceable wearing surface.

Rubber lagging can be applied in shop or in-situ on system. Following key benefits of lagged pulley:

  • Extends pulley drum life from material abrasion and corrosion
  • Prevents belt slippage – by increasing the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the pulley.
  • Creates a self-cleaning action – on the pulley surface and prevents the build-up of transported bulk material, water, snow or ice.

For efficient and economical conveyor operation, selection of proper pulley lagging is important. Supra offer most common used pulley lagging from Rema Tiptop.


Rema TipTop CK-X series ceramic premium quality lagging design for extreme operating conditions. CK-X series ceramic lagging feature vulcanised Al2O3 single-row knobs ceramic tiles on high quality REMALINE-70 base rubber come with CN bonding layer for simple and durable affixing with REMA TIP TOP bonding systems

The knobbly surface of the ceramic tiles provides optimum grip on pulleys subject to high stress. Its specific properties of extremely high wear resistance provided by aluminium oxide (Al2O3). CK-X series ceramic lagging come with three difference thickness: 15mm CK-X, 20mm CK-X HD and 25mm CK-X XHD.

CK-X series ceramic lagging is also available in HOT AUTOCLAVE vulcanized.

REMA PERFORMANCEgrip 70/CN is more than a true all-rounder. The new premium pulley lagging material can be used as a lining material for driven and non-driven pulleys in the wet as well as in the dry processing and can also withstand heaviest operating conditions. The profiling allows a high capacity for dirt absorption and in combination with excellent abrasion resistance and improved elongation to break, long service life is achieved. REMA PERFORMANCEgrip 70/CN is suitable for high tension and critical pulley applications.

REMAGRIP 70 designed for a variety of wet or dry applications and can be universally applied as a lagging for driven pulleys for heavy-loaded fabric and steelcord belts. REMAGRIP 70 offers optimum abrasion resistance, the deep grooving enables to handle large amounts of dirt and provides long operating life.

REMAGRIP 50 designed for a variety of wet or dry applications and can be universally applied as a lagging for drive pulleys for low to medium-loaded fabric belts. Thanks to its excellent elasticity, REMAGRIP 50 also features excellent qualities for eliminating material build-up (also for non-driven pulleys).

UNIGRIP SL 250 Strip Lagging can be universally applied as a pulley lagging for simple applications. The strip lagging allows simple handling even for application in the conveyor system. The 10 meter long rolls can be cut to size for any pulley width with minimum waste.

REMALINE smooth lagging for individual grooving

REMALINE 65 is designed for a variety of wet or dry applications and can be universally applied as a lagging for driven as well as non-driven pulleys for fabric and steelcord belts. The plain surface can be individually diamond or herringbone regrooved with the RUBBER CUT system. REMALINE 65 available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.

Rema TipTop Pulley Lagging sheet is supplied with a specially formulated Neoprene based CN Bonding Layer to achieve ultimate adhesion when bonded to steel pulley surfaces. To achieve this ultimate bond strength, the REMABOND SC-2000 and SC-4000 of cold vulcanising adhesives with PR Series metal primer is recommended.

The CN bonding layer and REMABOND adhesive system is extremely flexible and allows for good bond strength to be achieved even in adverse conditions often encountered when application is occurring on site.


Supra-Lag state-of-the art hot lagging facility allow us to offer quality hot lagging. It consists of rubber strip extrusion machine, groove grinder and a 4 mtr diameter x 7 mtr long autoclave.

The hot-extrusion strip lagging ensure no air entrapment inside the rubber lagging. The application is much faster compare to conventional layer per layer hand applied rubber lagging.

Pulley drum is grit blasted and primed to ensure excellent bonding between rubber sheet and metal substrate.

Supra-Lag65 is our standard 60 duro SBR rubber lagging. Standard thickness range from 10mm to 25mm.

Supra-Lag90 is our premium hot lagging rubber for extreme condition. Supra-lag90 has a rubber abrasion loss at ….. mm3, exceeding industry standard.