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Shanghai Global Machinery Group (SGMC) is leading manufacturer specializing in producing grab products. Established in 2005 with a group of high-level employees in hydraulic-pressure area and technicians with over 10-year experience in grab design, development, and manufacturing, SGMC's grabs are widely applied to industries, such as shipping, port, power station, steel plant, refuse incineration plant, railway, cement, chemical engineering, paper making, dredging, salvaging, etc.

SGMC is one of the leading companies in China in the area of R&D and design of load/unloading, grabbing, lifting and transporting appliances. With various source of power (mechanical, hydraulic, and motor hydraulic) and bucket type, SGMC owns several patents and could effectively solve the problems occurred during load/unload.

Type of grabs based on drive unit model:

  • Mechanical grab/rope grab
  • Remote control grab
  • Electro hydraulic grab/motor hydraulic grab
  • Hydraulic grab

Type of grabs based on bucket type:

  • Clamshell grab
  • Orange peel grab
  • Nickel grab
  • Timber grab
  • Dredging grab
  • Stainless steel grab

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