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Fender system or often called as marine fenders, are one of the must-have equipment in port/jetty. It is designed to keep both jetty structure and vessel safe, by functioning as a bumper.

There are various types of fenders to comply with the diversity of jetty as well as vessel type and size. However, end-user should take notice on attributes as follows:

  • Fenders should be made from high quality materials.
  • Able to create a safe environment for port infrastructure and all personnel working there.
  • Durable and reliable during designed life and beyond.
  • Pass international tests according to PIANC 2002 “Guidelines for the Design of Fenders Systems”


The ShibataFenderTeam (SFT) Group is headquartered in Germany with five regional offices in the US, Europe and Asia and a production facility in Germany. SFT provide global consulting, local support, excellent engineering work resulting in customized fender solutions, in-house manufacturing and qualified testing.

As one of the leading fender manufacturers, SFT focuses on holistic approach on all their products which means SFT focuses not only on the rubber fender, but all components are designed in the correct balance and work together properly. Also, manufacturing process is not only referring to the production stage, but it has started from design and raw material selection stage. By holistic approach, SFT aims to help end-user to reduce maintenance, replacement, and consequential cost at the terminal.

Providing safety critical fender systems, the SFT has a strong focus on manufacturing all major components in-house, ensuring highest quality and reliability at their own production facilities. SFT’s rubber fender manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Japan have an extensive proven track record of producing high quality rubber fender products

SFT’s rubber components are manufactured from the highest quality Natural Rubber (NR) and Styrene Butadiene (SBR) based compounds which meet or exceed the performance requirements of European Union specification EAU-E 62 “Acceptance Requirements for Fender Elastomers” and ASTM D2000 “Standard Classification System for Rubber Products”.

SFT issue whitepaper series about fender systems. It covers all information on how to make a good fender. Download the awesome series below:

Find out more about our experience and supply record in www.jettycare.com