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Martin offered smart solutions in dust management. Now we’ve added a fully automated, customizable system to cover all the bases.


The Martin® Dust Spray System is fully automated to deliver the treatment application best suited to the customers’ specific environment and needs. Featuring a Dust Control controls, visual confirmation of operation and optional remote monitoring, the Martin® Dust Spray System can deliver water, surfactant spray, foam and fog – providing the TOTAL solution.



The Martin® Surfactant Dust System applies surfactant agents using a fully automated system to maintain consistent treatment application while avoiding surfactant agent waste. The actual details of the surfactant application are determined by the needs of the customer and the specific environment. Each system is custom engineered to match your operating requirements.

Surfactant agents reduce the surface tension of water, improving the water's ability to wet surfaces and form fine droplets. When surface tension is reduced, random collisions between droplets of water and dust fines will result in the wetting and enlargement of the dust particles to the point they will drop out of suspension in the air.

Martin dust bag provide passive relief for positive air pressure produce at belt conveyor loading zones, preventing the escape of airborne dust. These bags can eliminate the need for baghouse Dust Collection systems. Installed in the conveyor cover before the end of the transfer point, martin dust bags vent air while collecting the dust from that air.

When positive air pressure from material flow stops, martin dust bag collapse, dislodging collected material back onto conveyor belt.


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