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For an effective belt conveyor can be seen from transfer point. The good transfer point consist of :

  • Belt Support
    For an effective, minimum-spillage transfer point, it is essential that the belt’s line of travel be stabilized with proper belt support in the load zone. Belt support can reduce belt sagging, absorb the force of falling material, and minimizing damage and excessive wear to the belt.
  • Sealing System
    A crucial requirement in any transfer point designed for reduce spillage and high efficiency is an effective sealing system at the belt edge
  • Tail Pulley Protection
    Pulley protection plows are installed to remove lumps and stray components from the belt before they can damage the pulley or belt
  • Tail Box Extend / Modification
    To prevent dust escaping form the back of transfer point

Martin engineering belt support product range :

  • Impact cradle HD
  • Impact cradle MD
  • Impact cradle track mount

Martin Engineering sealing system product range :

  • Apron seal single skirt performance duty
  • Apron seal single skirt heavy duty
  • Aprons seal double skirt performance duty
  • Apron seal double skirt heavy duty

Martin engineering tail pulley protection product range :

  • Heavy duty v-plow
  • Torsion v-plow
  • Reversing diagonal plow
  • XHD v-plow