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Quality splicing materials for conveyor belts

The splice is considered to be the weakest point on an endless conveyor belt. So the integrity of the splice is critical to minimising the risk of belt breakdown. A strong belt splice relies on the skill of belt splicer and the quality of the splicing materials As a leading manufacturer of belt maintenance product, Rema TipTop develops high performance splicing materials for fabric and steel cord belting. Rema TipTop rubber cements are proven as the highest adhesion strength on hot splicing.

Rema TipTop splicing and repair materials for heavyweight belts are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Hardrock and coal Mines
  • Cement Plants
  • Coal Fire Power Plants
  • Coal terminals
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • and various industrial plant that use conveyor systems

We keep all of our splice materials in cold storage and can often ship the same day. Our made to order splice kits, manufactured by our own splice kit department, guarantee the freshest material of the highest quality.



For cold splicing of conveyor belts with textile carcass we supply Rema Tiptop successful ‘two component’ (glue and hardener) REMABOND SC-2000 and SC-4000 cold bonding system, which is suitable for abrasion resistant belt qualities. REMABOND cement area easy to use and guarantee reliable, strong bonds. REMABONDs are also a highly effective bonding glue for pulley lagging. A special steel primer is required for this purpose.

REMA TIP TOP’s SC Series Cements are ideal in the fields of wear and corrosion protection as well as in pulley lagging application. SC Series Cements provide excellent bonding strength for rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to metal and fabric to fabric bonds. SC Series Cements provide excellent initial and final bonding strength and offer optimized time windows for contact bonding and long pot life. Optimum adhesion will be achieved when bonding REMA TIP TOP products with CN bonding layer.


Mechanical splice installation is quick and simple. Depending on belt width and thickness, most mechanical splices can be finished in less than one hour and are installed by an in-house crew with portable, easy-to-use installation tools

In addition, mechanical splices can be made in restrictive environments with no special regard for space, temperature, moisture or contaminants.

Identifying the correct fastener for the application is essential to ensure maximum splice life and performance. Supra product management team is trained to select the suitable mechanical fasteners i.e. hinged and solid plate, and with a variety of attachment methods, including rivets, bolts and staples.


MLT developed an unique and innovative splice for belts: Super-Screw. Super-Screw fasteners combine the strength and dependability of a vulcanized splice without the costly downtime to fabricate an endless belt. With the ability to be installed on any conveyor belt, even in challenging access situations, Super-Screw fastener is quick and easy to install.

Constructed of multi-ply rubber, Super-Screw fasteners attach to the belt with special, self-tapping screws. These screws allow the carcass threads to spread without cutting completely through them. Super-Screw can be fitted to your belt with one, two, or three rows of screws.


Super-Screw is a flexible rubber splice that screws directly into a belt without any tooling. Super-Screw lacing uses self- tapping screws that preserve the belt integrity by spreading the carcass threads without cutting them.

Supra stock various size of SuperScrew, range from SS35 to SS205 include the latest SuperScrew Evolution series. This Stock covering belt Tension from small as 350 N/mm until 2050 N/mm.

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