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Belt maintenance has been the key service provided by Supra for many years. Our total conveyor service include conveyor belt preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, idler and pulley lagging monitoring, control carryback and spillage, drive system maintenance, cover thickness measurements and belt scanning to monitor carcass condition and detection splice movements.

BELTCARE PRO Conveyor Maintenance Software

The latest version of BeltCARE PRO software is web-base conveyor belt maintenance, tracking and monitoring of conveyor belt maintenance activities.

BeltCARE PRO uses a simple, rugged, handheld device with powerful, yet easy-to-use software connected via bluetooth to a reader that scans tags attached to the assets need to be monitored and managed.

Every conveyor component needs to monitored is fitted with a durable RFID tag. The handheld device connects to an RFID reader that is used to scan each tag. Instantly, the device identifies the unique asset for inspection.

Using a simple drop-down menu and tick-boxes with the stylus-pen, the software captured the inspection according to the asset type. Within minutes after inspection the information can be shared with colleagues who can access it from anywhere in the world. Other features include analyses and trend usage of conveyor belt, idler, belt cleaner blades, skirting.



  • Behaviour of material flow - chute flow correction to let materials fall at centre of belt.
  • Wearpattern-eachconveyor-eventheycarrythesame
  • Materials - will show different wear pattern due to drop high, uniformity of lump-sizes, capacity, speed, usage of conveyor auxiliary equipment (chute design, belt cleaner, skirting).
  • Comparison of cover rubber quality.
  • Comparison of manufacturer quality.
  • Procurement planning – minimize inventory.


Suprabakti provide belt scanning for steel cord belt using Continental CordInspect mobile scanning unit. Periodically belt scanning is important for steel cord belt user to ensure cord condition and splice integrity.

The CordInspect real time scanning, a preliminary report will be produced at the end of the scanning work. Major finding will be highlighted to enable immediate remedial.

Cord (belt steel cord) condition monitoring:

  • Nonstop scanning with the real time system report.
  • Virtual 3D report with splicing identification report and damage report.
  • Do not need magnet system in belt.
  • Designed with weather friendly and environmental condition.
  • Detect cord damage condition earlier.
  • Ability to monitor splicing condition.