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Heavy-duty construction for tough applications

TechnoRoll roller is designed to handle the toughest applications and environmental conditions with high reliability. TechnoRoll rollers offer the highest quality and maximum load capacity and are particularly suited for conveyors that operate under very difficult conditions, where working loads are high, and large lump size material is being conveyed. More than 10 years experience, TechnoRoll has mobilized virtually millions of tons of bulk materials; improving productivity and efficiency in the mining industry.

Supra operate a modern roller manufacturing facility consist of automatic computer controlled tube and shaft cutter, robot handling bearing housing welding and bearing and seal assembly. Shaft step down is processing use CNC lathe, shaft slotting and final finishing is processed in one automatically machine.

TechnoRoll offers wide selection of CEMA rated conveyor belt idlers for various bulk handling application in mining such as gold, coal, copper, nickel, cement, etc., bulk terminal, fertilizer, power plant, gravel, and in-plant conveying applications throughout industry.

Tube diameter range from 89mm to 204mm, shaft diameter range from 20mm to 50mm.

TechnoRoll idlers pass through a stringent ISO 9001 quality inspection, before they become a key component in your conveyor system.



  • Shafts – CNC machined, hollow or solid.
  • Tubes – made from high grade ERW conveyor tubing with low TIR
  • Bearing Housings – precision deep cold drawn housings
  • Idler Bearings – deep groove ball bearings SKF, FAG equivalent quality C3 or C4 clearance sealed for life and suitable for highly abrasive dust laden environments,
  • Sealing – multistage labyrinth seal arrangement with dust seal
  • Impact Discs and Lagging – polyurethane, rubber and Fire Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS)
  • Surface Treatment – our standard ….. thick powder coating for corrosion protection
  • Balancing – static and dynamic tested, and concentricity constantly monitored and recorded
  • TIR – shells are checked regularly during manufacture to ensure they comply with quality standards established by TechnoRoll.


X-treme duty impact roller is the latest innovation from Technoroll. It uses heavy duty steel shell up to 5mm wall thickness and multi-labyrinth sealing arrangement to guarantee optimum performance and durability.

Technoroll X-treme duty impact roll use heavy duty polyurethane or rubber keyed cast directly onto the steel tube.


Technoroll X-treme Mine grade Impact idler come with special design retracable idler frame for easy roll change-out.




TechnoRoll offer PVC and glass-filled HDPE composite rollers.

Composite Rollers are lightweight, safe and easy to handle in any bulk material application, yet durable for even the toughest application. It became preference roller used in corrosive environment such as in fertilizers, coal prep plant, mineral prep plant and coal terminals.

Other features and benefits of composite rolls include : Reduced Power Consumption where lower running friction values reduce power bills by up to 30%, Less Noise eliminating as much as +/- 10 dB noise compared to steel rollers and Corrosion Resistance is ideal when moisture, acid, salt, or other corrosive materials are present

Despite their light weight, TechnoRoll composite rollers deliver durability in demanding medium to heavy duty conveying applications. The rollers are available in diameters from 152mm to 178mm, with bearing sizes range from 6306 up to 6310.


All TechnoRoll rollers and frames are subject to industry standard quality assurance testing procedures and processes. Quality assurance testing is completed for following aspects :

  • Roll TIR inspection
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Random check on seal drag
  • Random check on dust ingression
  • Random check for water permeability into seal

TechnoRoll is the only Indonesian roller manufacturer equip with dust and water proof testing.

Testing results are logged and can be included in the Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR). Test Certificates recording the compliance of materials and equipment with the relevant standards and customer specifications are also supplied as part of the MDR.



Supra manufactures a large variety of TechnoRoll idler design configurations according to industry standards such JIS, DIN or CEMA or according to customer requirements. Idler frame range from 600mm to 2400mm.

Idler frames are designed to accommodate for the operational loading characteristics of the conveyor where the cross member is designed to ensure that the loading and deflection limits are met.

Idler frames components are laser cut and bend in-house to ensure we have full control of quality assurance and delivery schedule.

Supra develop SmartWELD robot welding to manufacture idler frames. SmartWELD is capable of welding various type of frame, carry idler, vee-return, retractable carry and impact, jack-down frames and training frame. Robot welding has consistence welding quality and welding speed is faster than manual weld. Frames are manufactured primarily using angle iron or tube as main cross member.


Frames are either hot deep galvanized or with anti-corrosion coating finish. All coated frame is grit-blast and primed coating before applying finish coat. TechnoRoll standard powder coating thickness is 60 - 90 micron HDG coating is depend thickness of plate standart thickness minimum 50 dft