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Fluid Coupling Drive System

Voith o ers uid couplings and solu ons for highly e cient and reliable drive system solu ons for the mining industry and the handling of raw materials. Voith drive solu ons are reliable and speci cally tailored to each drive system – from individual couplings to complete driveline solu ons.

Voith Turbo coupling has wide applica ons in mining and mineral processing industries:
  • Conveyor Belt, chain and bucket elevator conveyors.
  • Crushers, Shredders, Mills, Pumps.
  • Bucket wheel excavators.

Voith offer various type of soft start fluid coupling, they consist of:
  • T coupling. Basic design of all turbo couplings with constant ll. Applica on mainly in drives where overload protec on and damping of torsional vibraon is required. Opera ng uid usually mineral oil.
  • TV - similar to T, but with delay chamber. Start-up smoother than with type T. Applica on in drives where torque limita on during start-up is a prime requirement.
  • TVV - similar to TV, but with enlarged delay chamber.
  • Even smoother start-up than TV.
  • TVVS - similar to TVV, but with annular chamber.
  • Even smoother start-up than with type TVV.
  • Load-dependent build-up of torque.
  • DTPK - lled controlled. The transmission behavior of the coupling (characterized by torque and output speed) can be in uenced by changing the ll level.
  • Opera ng range 60 kW/1200 rpm up to 6000 kW /1200 rpm. Short design due to external bearings.
  • TPKL / TPXL - Smart lled controlled. Coupling automa c load sharing with mul ple drives. Operating range up to 1100 kW/1200 rpm.