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Bollard is one of the vital and basic components in mooring process. It acts as the anchor point for mooring lines (ropes) in order to secure the vessel to the jetty. The top or bollard head should be have thicker diameter to provide a solid and reliable anchor points for mooring lines.

SFT provides bollards with wide range of standard shapes, load ratings, materials, and anchor systems.

The types of bollard are:

  • T Head
  • Staghorn
  • Pipe
  • Kidney
  • Canon
  • Break-off
  • Single Bitt
  • Double Bitt


Bollards are available made from the following materials: grey cast iron, ductile cast iron (spheroidal graphite), cast steel and mild steel (only for fabricated bollards).

They are supplied with different anchor systems: anchor rods with end-plates and nut fixing for new concrete, anchor rods with epoxy grout and nut fixing for existing concrete and cast-in anchor systems with break-off bolts.

The following corrosion protection systems are offered:

  • Primer only
  • Painted with primer and 2-component epoxy layer & top coat
  • Galvanized
  • Galvanized and painted (Duplex)


For historical reasons, bollards vary significantly between ports and countries, especially in Europe regarding the following parameters: shape, material quality, anchoring system, corrosion protection, safety factors and design methods

Special design in available upon request.