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Prosertek has developed Dockmoor software which has become one of the most advanced Berthing Aid System (BAS). This system carries out operations for monitoring berthing and mooring at maritime terminals, providing information to improve operations and guarantee secure ship berthing, and facilitating safe and effective safe and effective operations.

BAS is a comprehensive visualization system, giving real-time data on manoeuvre status. This means that operators have greater information, making it possible to take corrective measurements if established limits are surpassed.

The information provided by DockMoor can be viewed through several platforms, such as a digital panel on the dock, remote laptop monitors, control room monitors or through website with remote access.

  • Reduce operational costs and damage to birth, fenders, and ships.
  • Increase control over safety and protection of the surroundings
  • Real time monitoring, data recording, reports, reproduction and historic data
  • Allow analysis of multiple variables involved in berthing.


Dockmoor components:
  • Dockmoor control: brain of the system that collects information and turns it into data to visualise and interact with the database
  • Dockmoor viewer: software interface that monitors berthing data in real time, linking the user and the database to configure the system
  • Dockmoor web: web server that provides access with the web browser through LAN or internet
  • Database: virtual/physical storage where data and system configuration are stored
  • Hardware: server, communication cards, control stations, laptop units, sensors and measurement equipment.


Available modules are:

Dockmoor – BM. Berthing and get unberthing monitoring
Bow and stern distance and speed measuring and the ship’s angle in regards to the berthing line/fender systems. Reproducing an image of the birth and the ship to scale. Approaching and lagging data are show numerically and graphically.

The system consists of:
  • Laser Sensors.
    Certified for explosive areas, safe for eyes, and able to measure ships at distance of up to 300 m.
  • Laser Scanner.
    A precise 180° sweep system that can measure ships at distance up to 150 m.
  • Variable Message Signs.
    Use LED technology and able to rotate. Data shown are berthing distance, ship speed, trend arrows, warning lights, and ships berthing angle. Siren and text lines can be added.
  • Hand held- screen portable units (Pager, PDA, smartphone, tablet, and laptop).