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Suprabakti design and manufactured belt winder for belt pulling/belt change-out. Our belt winder planetary gear box with hydraulic motor, not conventional chain driven type belt reeler. Supra Belt Winder is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Belt change out – pulling new belt into system and at the same time reeling the old belt. Our belt winder is capable to rotate the system.
  • New belt installation
  • Reeling old belts on the ground into belt reel.
  • Making large belt reel – you can splice 2 rolls of belt, the belt winder will be able to reel up the belt into one large belt reel.

The conventional electrical motor chain driven has limitation to perform the above tasks. When the diameter of belt reel is getting larger, the chain driven belt reeler will lose the pulling power and become stalled, also the operator has no indication of what loads and forces he has on the winder at any given time which also poses a risk with possible over stressing of equipment and even stability of the belt reeler frame itself if not properly anchored.

Key Safety Features:

Safety warning start up alarms and lights. Pressure/torque control that can be set on winder so that unit will stall at your chosen pre set force, this is so no over tensioning and stressing of belt or system occurs should the belt be jammed/be stuck on structure, drive/anti rollback coupling/belt clamp is not removed.

Also by use of the pressure and torque gauges the operator knows at any given time what force he is pulling at in relation to the diameter of belting built up on the reel.

Power Unit, gearbox, Hydraulic motor, and electrical control unit is designed by certified engineer.


Supra fabricate medium and heavy duty belt stand for safe handling of conveyor belt. Our belt heavy duty belt stand design for handling belts up to 90 ton 2200mm wide, come with solid pontoon base for stability during belt winding.

Belt stand base come with hook for anchoring.