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A common challenge for conveyor belt operation is controlling and aligning the belt so it travel in the centere of the conveyor. Many factors influence a belt's ability to track correctly. However installing a proven belt tracking frame is important to prevent belt mistracking, improve safety and enhancing productivity.

Supra provide conveyor belt tracking produce by trutrac rollers (Pty) Ltd, south Africa. The world’s leading of supplier of solution rating to problem experience with the racking and aligning of conveyor belt.

Tru-Trac® conveyor trackers are designed around the Patented and Proven Technology. Tru-Trac® is reliable, maintenance free, operates in all conditions and is simple to install.


The patented Tru-Trac ® Taper Trough Tracker offers the ultimate in tracking performance on the load-carrying side and is the result of over 10 years of design and innovation. This design is highly responsive and quick to activate on both loaded and unloaded conveyors. As the taper wing rollers are inline, it operates on both uni-directional or bi-directional conveyor belts. The tracking is done by the tapered wing rollers which are lagged and is compatible with 35° and 45° belts. The tapered wing rollers activates the tracker immediately, as the belt moves off centre, ensuring that there is no 90 degree contact with the belt edges.

Taper Trough Tracker available in the following models :

Standard Tapered : Belt width 450mm – 1200mm. Belt speed 3 – 4 m/s
Heavy Duty Tapered : belt width 450mm – 1200mm. Belt speed 4 – 5 m/s
X-Heavy Duty Tapered : belt width 1200 – 1800mm. Belt speed above 4 – 6 m/s
EX-Heavy Duty Tapered : belt widt 1800 – 2800mm. Belt speed above 4 – 10 m/s


Flat return tracker are a patented design that offers the most reliable and effective conveyor belt tracing system available on the worldwide market. The center pivot is unique and simple, consisting of stainless steel pin in a mild steel shaft, which is perpendicular to the plane of the belt, and its rubberized covered drum and tapered edge that ensure the tracker activates immediately as the belt moves off center. The tracker continually reacts to keep the belt centred.

The range of trutac tracker for return area :

  • Trutrac tracker flat return (TTFR) : available from belt width 450-1400 mm
  • Trutrac tracekr flat return heavy duty (TTFRHD) : available for bw 1350-1800 mm
  • Trutrac tracker dual return (TTDR) : available from belt width 1350-2500 mm

All Tru-Trac belt tracker featuring :

  • Exceptional Performance– The combination of the tapers and unique centre pivot, provide fast, reactive and continual tracking in all conditions.
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement– both the taper wing and centre roller can be individually replaced as wear occurs.
  • Enhanced Centre Pivot– The unique heavy duty pivot design provides instant activation to centralise the belt to keep it running centre.
  • Bearings– Standard Deep Groove Ball bearings and Spherical Roller bearings.
  • Maintenance Free– Bearings do not require any greasing.
  • Lagging– Available in High Abrasive, Rubber Lagging 12 mm thick or Polyurethane Lagging 12mm Also available in Solid Rubber Ring lagging and Fire Retardant lagging.
  • Operates in all conditions– Quick activation on both wet and dry conveyor belts.
  • Versatile Installation– Minimum tension is required on the centre rolls, which can be easily adjusted with the supplied mounting brackets.
  • Reversing Belts– Excellent performance.

Trutrac has been proven and installed in various industries in Indonesia since 2003