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SURE GRIP™ Belt Clamps

Sure Grip™ Belt Clamps offer exceptional belt clamping for all types of conveyor belt maintenance in a variety of working conditions. Sure Grip™ is constructed from high grade steel components that are light in weight, conducive for easy transportation and assembly.

The Sure Grip™ Conveyor Belt Clamps are a patent pending positive tensioning system that applies even tension across the entire width of the conveyor belt. The center tightening system is key to applying correct, even tension to the belt.

Supra offer Sure Grip™ Belt clamps in four different sizes, designed to meet the W.L.L. (Work Load Limit) of various conveyor systems. Mark 1 (1 Tonne) Mark 3 (3 Tonne) Mark 5 (5 Tonne) Mark 7 (7 Tonne)

Supra engineers will be able to recommend the right belt clamps for you belt maintenance needs.


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