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BIG BLASTER® XHV-H Air Cannons are designed for severe-duty applications where exposure to elevated service temperatures and harsh gases can affect performance. They have proven successful in applications outside cement kiln pre-heaters where interior temperatures reach up to 1371°C.

Cement Pre-heater, Grate Cooler, Cyclone, Riser Duct are subject to materials build up. The use of alternative fuel in cement pre-heater resulted in uncontrolled sulfur content at riser duct. Martin® BIG BLASTER® XHV-H Air Cannons provide effective performance in removing "materials coating" in pre-heater tower and "snowman" phenomena in grate cooler. Low maintenance and high-velocity discharge make Martin® BIG BLASTER® XHV-H Air Cannons suitable for use on high-temperature application ns and the most challenging materials..

BIG BLASTER Air Cannons supply a quiet but powerful discharge of plant compressed air to dislodge material buildups and enhance the flow of bulk solids.

The BIG BLASTER® HURRICANE Air Cannon features a new valve concept that provides more force, uses less air, and simplifies installation and maintenance. The BIG BLASTER® HURRICANE Air Cannon fires in response to a positive surge of air sent by a solenoid valve. This positive-ac􀆟ng valve delivers twice the force output while using only half the air volume than that of a standard BIG BLASTER® XHV 20-30 Air Cannon.